Northborough Historical Society COVID - 19 situation

14 January 2022: Due to Covid-19 the meeting and program scheduled for 28 January have been cancelled.


Programs will usually be held on the fourth Friday of the month. A summary of all 2021 - 2022 programs can be found here.  All programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated.

For more information, contact us at: or 508.393.6298.

Upcoming program details:
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Third Parties in America 1860 to 2016

John Northgraves, a professor of American History, will present the historical instances when third parties gained enough momentum to be on the ballot and either became a nuance to the two “regular” parties or changed the results of an election.

DateTitle (click to see program details)
PROGRAMS 2021 - 2022
28-Jan-22Third Parties in America - Canceled due to COVID-19
03-Dec-21The Vikings. An Icelandic Saga
22-Oct-21The First Year
24-Sep-21Lucy Stone
PROGRAMS 2020 - 2021
  n/aAll programs canceled due to COVID-19
PROGRAMS 2019 - 2020
22-May-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
24-Apr-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
27-Mar-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
28-Feb-20The Scholar and the Slaves
24-Jan-20The Collings Foundation
06-Dec-19Mysteries From Our Museum
25-Oct-19Wicked Pissed: New England’s Most Famous Feuds
PROGRAMS 2018 - 2019
17-May-19A Night at the Museum
26-Apr-19Murder Mystery
22-Mar-19A Visit with Louisa May Alcott
22-Feb-19Eating Out
25-Jan-19How many Historical Markers have you seen in Northborough?
07-Dec-18Traditions of Yesteryear
26-Oct-18Spreading Beauty
28-Sep-18Appalachian Mountain Club: Leaders in the Outdoors Since 1876 (no flyer)
PROGRAMS 2017 - 2018
18-May-18Fill ‘Er Up!
27-Apr-18The Cuban Missile Crisis: 13 Days at the Brink of Nuclear Warfare (no flyer)
23-Mar-18An Evening with General and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant
23-Feb-18The Doctors are In!
26-Jan-18The Ride of Their Lives
01-Dec-17A Victorian Christmas
27-Oct-17Rounders To Baseball
22-Sep-17All Aboard!
PROGRAMS 2016 - 2017
19-May-17Photo Mysteries: Family Histories
07-May-17Northborough In The Trenches
28-Apr-17The Building of the Aqueduct
31-Mar-17The Molasses Flood of 1919
27-Jan-17Mapping it Out
02-Dec-16A Portrait of the Victorian Age
28-Oct-16A Look Down the Road: Historic Route 20
PROGRAMS 2015 - 2016
27-May-16What Do YOU Remember?
22-Apr-16The Lost Art of Etiquette
18-Mar-16To the Rescue!
26-Feb-16Who Lyeth Here?
22-Jan-16A Night of History, a Night of Song
04-Dec-15A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
23-Oct-15An Evening with Mark Twain
25-Sep-15A Night at the Museum
PROGRAMS 2014 - 2015
20-May-15American Harmony - Step back in time…
24-Apr-15Listen my children and you shall hear…
27-Mar-15Myth, Legend, Obscurity
27-Feb-15Take a Walk through History (the old Connecticut Path)
23-Jan-15Who was Wilder Bush?
05-Dec-14Cooking by the Book in New England
26-Sep-141912-1920: the Era of the 19th Amendment
PROGRAMS 2013 - 2014
16-May-14Luanne Crosby, music from the Civil War
25-Apr-14Money, Money, Money – Making a Living in the 19th Century

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